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JMRC will not allow to play Holi in Metro premises and holding Pichkaries

JMRC will not allow to play Holi in Metro premises and holding Pichkaries

Jaipur: As Jaipur Metro will stay operational in the Pink City amid the celebration of Holi, the Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) on Sunday issued cautioning for every one of the commuters.

The Jaipur Metro passed a request restricting commuters from spreading hues on each other or tossing it on Metro train or platform.

An authority said, “Safety measures are being taken as this is the main Holi for Jaipur Metro. The offenders would be punished with a total of Rs 200, under the Metro Railways (Operations and Maintenance) Act, 2002, if the Metro staff discovers them playing Holi on stage or vandalizing Metro property.”

Like consistent days, the Metro train would be accessible between 6.40 am and 9.40 pm. The JMRC has likewise chosen not to reduce Metro administrations and run 134 trains on Holi celebration.

“In different urban communities, for instance Delhi, the commuters need to search for option method for open transport as Metro administrations are shut for half day.

The Metro is associated with the Walled City. We have chosen to give administration to our workers, why should going commend celebration there,” included the authority.

It was further said, the commuters will be permitted to convey colors alongside them. Be that as it may, the JMRC won’t permit pichkaari and water inflatables. Strict checking will be done on March 23 and 24.

The JMRC will likewise convey staff with breath analysers to keep drunken commuters from entering inside the train. “In the event that JMRC staff finds any alcoholic on train, he/she would be punished with Rs 500.”

In nine months, since the Metro got to be operational, the JMRC has punished 600 guilty parties till date. “The commuters are always under the observation of CCTV cameras. Wrongdoers who were discovered spitting were punished.”

An authority said, numerous inhabitants have received the new method of transport and it would be troublesome for them to drive if Metro is not operational.

“At present, JMRC has a traveler tally of 28,000 every day. We are expecting more travelers on Holi as it is protected and is a shabby method for transport.”



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