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No more wait, Metro help babies to get their mother Love

No more wait, Metro help babies to get their mother Love

No more wait, Metro help babies to get their mother love

For the first time in India, JMRC (Jaipur Metro Railway Corporation) going to start public transportation service to serve and secure motherhood and healthy babies. While traveling from the metro and for better milk feeding to babies by their mothers, JMRC constructs special rooms at Chandpole and Mansarovar metro station to stop inconvenience in milk feeding of babies. This service will start from Monday.


The Important thing is that this special room is at Mansarovar metro station before the ticket counter and inside the metro station at Chandpole Metro station. To use this special service you have to spend only Rs.5  as a charge.

Metro Officers also said that,” Now there is no need to left babies at home because of this service”.

Things which sustain in a room:-

  • One comfortable Bed
  • Three chairs
  • Room with Ac
  • Room fully designed in rainbow flavor for babies

There should be a reserved seat for pregnant women: Jaipur Metro

To stop an inconvenience for pregnant women, JMRC decided to have reserved seats. Before that, there were 16 seats reserved for women which increased by four and a total of 20. These were provided from Monday. All the increased 4 seats are for pregnant and for those women who traveling with their little ones. This is the first time in Indian Metro system which is applied on the concept of Korea.

These seats are basically recognized with the strips of pink color. These seats are situated on both starting and end coach of the Metro train near the second door. JMRC officials said that the reason behind the location of these seats on the starting and the last coach is to provide comfort to reach and board the train for pregnant women.

This will also help driver to see the real position at the starting and CCTV camera will help to guide about the end coach to open and close the doors.



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